Of all the coffee brands in the world, one stands alone for its reputation of perfectionism. The Italian illy Coffee brand is known worldwide for the quality and the balance of its blended coffees. Unique among coffeemakers, illy affords nine high-order Arabica beans, selected directly from the best farms across four continents.

Illy has also innovated in the production of decaffeinated coffees by offering Idillyum, a low-caffeine arabica that is grown in the fertile, volcanic soils of El Salvador. Additionally, the company has patented methods for removing caffeine involving steaming beans, then rinsing them repeatedly in solvents, and finally re-rinsing to remove any residual solvents. The end-product is a decaffeinated coffee that retains the full taste. One of the best reasons to wake up in Arena Grand Kažela is to experience the unique aroma of illy blended coffees from the illy espresso machines.

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